Bill (koolkeith) wrote in bears_and_cubs,

Hi friends!

Hi all, haven't been on much, moved into a new place, me and Steve are still settling in to the new cave lol. Glad to see everyone's still enjoying the community!

Hey, one slight thing, just one little thing I thought I'd bring up. Hey, do you think you could show your fucking fat asses once in awhile? Do you think, would it be fucking possible, for you to stop yammering on about your fucking boring ass lives and put a fucking ass up in the piece? How about that?

Listen, I don't care if you have to talk about how great the fucking vacation or your nancy fucking tea party or making lemonade for your grandmother, but you better fucking post it with a picture of a big, sweaty, heaving fat ass crack or I will fucking delete you and everyone on your friends list. Bet on it, motherfuckers.

I've fucking had it with you fat little sissies, don't make me start deleting people. This is Communist China, motherfuckers, and I'm Mao. Get re-educated or die.

Don't fucking test me.

toodles *grrrrrrrr* *woof*

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