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IBR meet-n-greet?

 ok, so this is a little last-minute, and this is usually the domain of the social networking guru that is wooferstl , but i figure i'd give it a shot...

i have no clue how many LJ-ers are going to be at IBR this weekend, but i thought it'd be fun to try and round us all up for a little meet-n-greet, as we did back in 2008 at TBRU.

now, i'm not sure if there is anyone going, OR if there's anybody on here that'll check LJ this weekend, but what the hey - i'm thinking we could meet in the host hotel lobby on sunday morning @ 10am? i figure that's not too early, and it also gives us enough time to mingle before lunch/brunch/ the dimsum gobble? (how very spontaneous of us... lol)

so... spread the word, re-post as much as you'd like, leave a comment for any suggested changes or show of support, and look for the little asianbearcub with the fedora in the lobby at 10am sunday morning.

(and yes, i'll either edit this post, or put up a new one if there are any changes in plans. this will already be x-posted to bears4nonbears , cubs_n_bears , and huskyboys . apologies to anyone signed up for more than one of these for the spamming.)
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